• Detailed introduction into the composition of the reflow soldering process

    Detailed introduction into the composition of the reflow soldering process

    Reflow soldering, often known as "reflow soldering" or "reflow oven" (Reflow Oven Equipment), is to give a heating ecosystem to warmth the solder paste to soften and permit floor mount factors and PCB pads to go through the solder paste A tool exactly where alloys are reliably put together collectively. What exactly will be the primary method components on the reflow soldering equipment for handle? Guangshengde reflow soldering is listed here to share along with you.

    Nitrogen reflow soldering


    one. Reflow soldering transportation procedure

    Reflow soldering structure

    PCB goods are transported with the reflow oven with the transportation process. The transportation process is especially composed of transportation rails, transmission sprocket, chain, and transmission mesh belt. The conveying mesh belt can be a typical 440mm (Max 560mm) stainless steel mesh belt, as well as the conveying velocity is steplessly altered via the regulate software. The width of the transportation tutorial rail may be altered freely according to the measurement on the PCB board from the course changer, the screw rod as well as nut drive, along with the width could be modified to 400mm-460mm.

    It adopts chain network transmission, and the drive machine is put in on the exit in the furnace. The driving gadget features a driving motor, a driving shaft, a driving chain as well as a sprocket, a guideline screw and various rail transportation factors.

    2. The inner temperature zone composition on the reflow soldering furnace

    The reflow soldering furnace physique is especially composed of an inlet, a preheating zone, a heat preservation zone, a reflow zone as well as a cooling zone. While using the information rail as the center, the higher and decreased temperature zones flow into independently and control the temperature independently. The airflow in each individual specific temperature zone is accelerated, pressurized and heated, then uniformly acts around the upper and reduce sides with the PCB in the rectifier plate. All heating zones of reflow soldering have two heating modules on leading and bottom, which flow into independently and command temperature independently. Just about every temperature zone adopts the exact same modular composition, which is uncomplicated to keep up and swap.

    3. Reflow soldering cooling zone

    The reflow soldering cooling zone can be a specially created cooling module just after the reflow zone, and an external chiller can realize productive cooling.

    In the event the nitrogen machine is chosen, twin cooling zone cooling is applied: the gas just after warmth exchange cooling is placed on the PCB board from previously mentioned in the water-cooled warmth exchanger, cooling lover, and air curtain in the outlet. Right after the PCB board is compelled to chill while in the cooling zone, it is transported to your outdoors of the furnace via the transportation program to accomplish the reflow soldering.

    The heat exchanger features a filtering impact on the flux, which may make sure that the clean gasoline circulates during the furnace; the cooling fan has an proper air quantity to take care of a steady inert fuel written content inside the cooling zone.

    Adopt modular construction, heat exchanger, cooling fan and rectifying orifice are easy to maintain.

    4. Reflow soldering transportation pace manage

    The pace of your reflow oven transportation process might be established according to the requirements of buyers and controlled by application. The management accuracy can get to ?¨¤2mm/min.

    5. Reflow soldering temperature regulate

    The set temperature of each temperature zone of Guangshengde reflow soldering is set by program operation. The particular temperature of each and every temperature zone is transmitted with the thermocouple mounted in each individual temperature zone and exhibited about the Computer system watch monitor. At the same time, the control sign is usually fed again towards the electric powered The strong state relay within the handle box presents adequate energy to maintain the temperature in the established benefit.

    six. Reflow soldering temperature measurement line interface

    The temperature measurement line interface of the reflow oven is installed on the operation control panel about the entrance on the equipment. The enter end on the temperature measuring line is linked using the temperature measuring card around the industrial laptop, as well as the temperature curve through soldering might be captured from the reflow oven management software program, plus the temperature curve is usually exhibited, printed, saved and recalled.

    seven. Alarm safety for reflow soldering temperature exceeding tolerance

    When the true temperature exceeds the higher and lower boundaries of the established temperature, the procedure will mail out an alarm signal and display the alarm details through the application command, and simultaneously all heating zones will stop heating (the cooling zone will only alarm if your temperature is around Established to 200??, when the higher and decreased restrict temperature is set to 10??, once the actual temperature exceeds 210?? or lessen than 190??, an alarm will probably be issued), the transportation method will carry on to function, plus the PCB board will probably be securely sent out of the reflow oven. After the reason for the fault is eliminated, activate the heating change yet again for heating.

    8. Reflow soldering gasoline manage

    Guangshengde reflow soldering furnace calls for a gas manage device, as the furnace will have to be equipped with clean nitrogen or air. The gas management products are:

    l Import and export air curtain

    l Ingestion and exhaust equipment and handle software

    l Stream meter and oxygen focus analyzer (optional for nitrogen form)

    l Optional flux restoration system

    nine. Reflow soldering command system

    The reflow oven management technique is composed of PC+PLC and reflow oven command application. Can realize the location of your program,

    Precise charge of the procedure (such as pace, temperature, operating time), real-time monitoring in the position (temperature curve, over-temperature, absence of ability section) and also other functions.

    The reflow soldering display is put in on a cantilever body at a person close on the furnace, and the cantilever might be rotated to regulate the posture with the screen and keyboard based on the needs of use; the Computer is installed inside the rack underneath the show, surrounded by equipment door defense, and related to the PLC by means of a network cable.

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